• Dr. Bhavdeep Singh Ahuja


Ethics is a science of ideal human character and behavior in situations where the distinction should be made between what is right and wrong, duty must be followed and good interpersonal relations should be maintained. Ethics is a belief that determines the people’s behavior as it resides in the realm of human values, morals, individual culture, interpersonal beliefs and faith. Ethical practice in dental health care basically constitutes the bonafide principles of beneficence, non-maleficence, informed consent, respect for integrity and patient autonomy. In the past few years in dentistry, there has been a sudden transition in the balance of decision-making in the dental clinic, determining by the doctor, what is the “best” treatment for the patient has shifted from professional paternalism toward respecting the informed and autonomous decision of the patient.
Dental ethics is a moral obligation that encompasses professional conduct and judgment imposed by the members of the dental profession. Dental ethics has to be like a uniform code and every dentist should wear the same one, but alas it's not the way we wish it to be.




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