Pricing & Charging in a Dental Clinic – The Factors Within Part – I


  • Dr. Bhavdeep Singh Ahuja


The pricing you charge for your clinical services is one of the most important technical decisions you will ever make in your practice. The first thing we have to remember is that we are not shopkeepers who sell products or in our case, dental materials. We have seen many fellow colleagues arguing with patients and vice versa too, about materials being expensive as the reason for the high cost of dental treatment and a few even going to the extent of explaining the patient about the break-up of treatment charges making the materials appear inflationary and being responsible for 80% of the cost of the job or process, they finished. We would say that is a wrong approach to sell your self. Please remember, the bottom line is that we sell our skill via our services and not our dental materials which we use in our clinical practice. No matter what type of services you sell (technical or non-technical) depending upon urban or rural set up; the price you charge your patients will have a direct effect on the success of your clinical practice. The above mentioned technical (skilful) or non-technical (routine) in our language means skilful services like implantology, surgeries viz. apicoectomy, impactions etc., rotary endodontics or routine services like a restoration (filling), normal
extractions, prophylaxis (scaling and polishing). We don’t want to hurt or demean any of the above mentioned services by categorizing them into technical or nontechnical, it’s just a simple classification to distinguish the more tedious and the less tedious ones. Apologies if any one felt hurt by the same.




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