SWOT Analysis in Dentistry – Application and Viability


  • Dr. Bhavdeep Singh Ahuja


India is a Cricket crazy nation and many billions of us are addicted to watch it whenever a Cricket match is being telecast ‘live’. We love giving ‘free ki advice’ and sometimes even those, who haven’t played it but just are hard core fanatics of the game.
No Offence, but everybody in our country does claim to be a genius with plenty of ideas up their sleeve always. Just imagine a tough situation in a tight T20 Cricket match and every cricket lover glued to the TV screen and India in a slightly disadvantageous position with ex-Indian Captain, M. S. Dhoni at the crease; almost on the verge of losing and at this junction, almost everyone watching the match will have a piece of advice for cool and calm MSD (M. S. Dhoni) and surprisingly, even from those quarters (read: people) who haven’t wielded a cricket willow in their hand in their whole lives. What the above tells us is that the only
problem is that we have more ideas but lesser resources to implement those ideas. One can’t be a James Bond 007 and solve all problems in a day, but, important is that first of all, we should know what our problems are; hence, prioritization is the first key.
Implementing the above in the clinical practice, we would like to do everything to make our practice successful. Unfortunately,
the cold and hard fact is that there isn’t enough time, money, people or other resources all of them together at the same time. Marketing Strategy Guru, Jack Trout once said "differentiate or die”. That doesn't necessarily mean literally dying though. It just means to stop running the healthy yet competitive race with your colleagues or competitors or simply means just giving up. It
surely also does not mean bashing the competition. It is basically about knowing your relative strengths and weaknesses and positioning your services accordingly. The best would be a SWOT Analysis (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat analysis) especially from your clinic point of view. In today’s business scenario where running a dental clinic is akin to same, SWOT
analysis plays a pivotal role as much of your decisions depend on this analysis. 




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