Positive Mental Attitude for the Budding Dentist – Getting Over the Negative Thinking


  • Dr. Bhavdeep Singh Ahuja
  • Dr. Shrikant Sonune


Dentistry is presently at the zenith of negativity having come under insurmountable pressure from all the stakeholders with the growth and spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Dentists have been designated at the highest risk levels of transmitting the virus by New York Times and other international media. Although the lockdown was prevalent through the country and dental clinics across the country were advised to be shut for over two months, some daredevil colleagues (read: youngster dentists) preferred to open up and put their own as well as patient’s life at risk out of their own insecurities of feeding themselves and their families.
Dentistry is a specialty science, thus, dental clinic establishment and its success requires different business skill set. To understand and implement such business skills, the basic concept of positive mental attitude becomes absolutely mandatory for everyone to
understand. The entire economies world over have suffered really badly. The collection (money) for an OLA ride someone didn’t take or the grub we didn’t buy at a McDonalds’ is lost forever. Although, we have to earnestly remember that COVID-19 didn’t reverse tooth decay or make impacted wisdom teeth go away. That restoration will still need to be done and those wisdom teeth will still need to be extracted. Dentists are lucky that they were able to shed most, if not all, costs. The five major costs which generally account for the vast majority of dental clinic expenses are salaries, bills (water, electricity, bio-medical waste,
corporation charges etc.), rent (not for all), materials and lab expenses. Most small clinics either gave a lay off to their staff especially those who had multiple or refrained from giving salaries which made staff of many clinic itself leave the jobs. Materials and lab costs are not incurred until patients get back to OPD’s. So, with the exception of rent, most clinics have expenses (bills as mentioned above but that too minimum) to the point that their economic survival is not threatened yet there is a great deal of insecurity amongst the younger colleagues.
This article highlights the various perspectives related to the Positive Mental Attitude (PMA); its understanding, how to implement, along with its various benefits in such a manner that it helps the budding dental clinician. 




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