CoViD-19 and Mental Health


  • Dr. Bhavdeep Singh Ahuja


The Covid-19 times have affected MOST of us; whilst some have suffered loss of a loved one, the remaining are living with the most dreaded human emotion of today – FEAR making them believe, they are next in the line of the ‘Yama’. Anxiety, despair, panic is making us all resort to those unthought-of tasks that a normal individual would never even dare to attempt. The
Lockdown acts as an icing on to this cake of hopelessness; not that, it is not needed. Ideally, meant to stop us from stepping out and contracting the dreaded virus, it is also taking its toll on those ‘isolating’ at home by attacking their minds who are constantly glued to the ‘idiot’ box searching for an ‘hourly’ update in numbers and looking out for all possible negativity by flipping and watching every damn possible channel.




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