Procrastination amongst the Dentists – Mother of all the Evils


  • Dr. Bhavna Lokwani
  • Dr. Bhavdeep Singh Ahuja


Many of us find ourselves repeatedly delaying urgent and important tasks, which is nothing but serious procrastination. Almost every one of us does procrastinate and most of us do it very often. Procrastination may be very common, but its effects are not trivial rather it has costly consequences. Procrastination often prevents us from starting or finishing crucial tasks, accomplish goals at work or establishing or building relationships. Studies have put forth that procrastination may be a symptom of underlying mental disorder, although procrastination is not a disease or mental problem in itself. We all have problems with procrastination since time immemorial now and especially men and also, it is not limited to students but widespread to
grown up adults as well. We always do tend to resort to procrastination when we have to accomplish unpleasant tasks like doing homework, repair or maintenance at home or talking serious issues to any of our family members. Procrastination sets in naturally whenever we are faced with tasks falling beyond our skill-set. No matter how common or frequent it is, there are several simple ways to beat procrastination and one of them is a simple reality check which can make us realize that the task is not as
difficult as it seemed to us early. The best approach can be to divide a bigger task into several smaller ones. We can also change by practicing delayed gratification, which is like going through the grind and then rewarding ourselves afterwards. Positive thinking and grit are two cornerstones to help conquer procrastinating behavior. Most of the times, it is deemed as normal
behavior, but beware of segregating procrastinating as a symptom of an underlying health condition. In some cases, symptoms of certain medical conditions like a mental disorder can be misinterpreted as procrastination.

Some conditions that may feature procrastination include attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, major depressive disorder (depression) or anxiety or personality disorders. Procrastination possibly caused by mental disorders requires attention by a psychologist or psychiatrist. Overcoming procrastination not caused by mental disorders require awareness and effort.




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